Meet Cool G:

Cool G is a resident of Atlanta Ga. A father, a son, and a man who takes pride in giving to and increasing his community.  Being in the Real Estate industry for 18 years, he was always curious about  the "Hidden Appliance" aka Heating and Cooling systems, that was often times would have problems and be an emergent situation to fix, and were generally very costly repairs.  He decided to pursue his HVAC certification when he was grossly overcharged over $300.00 for 30 minutes of work.  It was solidified as a way to bless others by offering his expertise for a reasonable fair price when he came across an elderly lady who desperately needed his help.  Read the full story all began 7 months ago when he wrote the following posts on his FB page.


A couple of years ago I had a problem with my air conditioning at my house. I called a AC tech because it was hotter than a mug! The tech showed up and fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes. He then charged me 300 big ones. I was trippin caused all he did was vacuum and charge the system. So I said to myself one day I'm going to AC school.
Today is that day! Day 1 of a 7 month course.

Tomorrow is the last day of this course!!! Cool!!!! 7 months flew by......Changed my life forever.....


My Story

I saw an elderly lady in the the grocery store buying 50 lbs of ice. As I walked pass her talking on my phone I noticed that she was struggling with the large cold bags. I helped her load them into the buggy then to her car. As I loaded the bags in her her old Cutlass, I asked why so much ice. She replied that her AC was not working and she was extremely hot. I told her that I was in AC school and I can look at it for her but I was still a student with limited tools. Surprisingly, with a big smile she said,"yes, please come" but she said she didn't have any money to pay. I told her, that is Ok, I'm not charging you. She said that her pastor promised to help her out but didn't answer or return any of her calls.  I followed her to her house about 3 miles from the store and the whole time trailing her she had her left turn signal on but never turned left. :-)

She pulled into the one car driveway and I parked by the mailbox halfway in the street. When I went inside the house it had to be 100 degrees in there. She was talking to whom ever else was in the house, I didn't see anyone. I asked her where the unit was and she showed me. I was thinking it is toooo hot to be in here. I went to the unit and saw the problem in less than a minute. I went to my trunk came back to the unit then replace a bad fuse and the unit came right on. Cold Air! I was smiling because I had fixed the problem so quick, she was smiling thanking God, she went into the room and told whomever was in there that the problem was fixed. I asked her who was she talking to she said her mother. "Your mother?" I shouted "yes" she said my 96 year old mother lives here with me. Her mother asked her did the pastor fix it, she said no, a hansom man from the grocery store fixed it. Her mom said when did grocery stores start fixing a/c's. :-) The daughter said I wasn't from the the grocery store I was sent by God.

She thanked me, gave me a big hug and put her hand on my chest and said, " God is using you and you know it". I said yes maam I do.

As I was leaving I thought I didn't even buy what I went to the store to get. But I got something much better...:-)

My Promises

To treat each and every person with the utmost respect.
To be honest and courteous.
To Always Give 110%.
                                              - Cool G


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 "G fixed my heat and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg"
Peter N.

"G is very professional and he came right out, and solved the problem. I am happy to recommend G as A/C tech."
Sharon W.

"Mr. G gave my family and I fast curteous service. Thank you for the service."
Sean K.

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